WHY My Local Favorites?

Local businesses are surrounded by national “big box” chain stores that get most of the customers. How did this happen? 

Maybe the better question is ‘How do we beat them at doing LOCAL Better’? This is the goal of MY LOCAL FAVORITES for every local and small business.



The #bestlocalapp –

My Local Favorites is in your app store – both apple and android. It’s easy to recognize by the word “LOCAL” as the app icon as shown on this smartphone sample near the center of the model phone screen.

My Local Favorites believes your private information is you own business. That’s why we only ask for the minimal info to establish your app registration – just your Name, E-mail (to receive contact from preferred local merchants), a good Mobile Number as an option if you like texts better, and the City where you shop.

‘You’re Welcome!”



Team Members are:

Hal – App Developer

Malloree – Video Host

Belle- Design & Media

Christine- Blogs


My Local Favorites app team is comprised of a small group of local people who live in our Southwest Louisiana community, not app developers from out of State. Every key person involved is dedicated to making your app experience the best it can be!

We are genuinely excited about helping local area businesses be better positioned in the marketplace versus the national ‘big box’ stores that are found on apps full of Ads. But with My Local Favorites, you get to truly connect with both our local app team, and the business owners that provide your favorite services. 



 Local Insights


My Local Favorites takes a local business to the next level with all the app features that helps to connect with local customers right inside the app, in our your business app space. That’s better than those ‘big box’ apps.

Personal Service

The team of My Local Favorites app comes out to a local business and makes a fun hands-on demo video that is shared on social media channels which is a huge bonus to being in the app for our customers.

 Merchant Videos


Let Us help connect you

Follow The Favorites

Our “Featured Local Favorite” is a daily app page to check for special offers from your favorite local businesses.

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Merchants in our Marketplace

are in the business of making customers feel appreciated. Browse the various categories of local businesses for places that treat you like their “favorite customer.”

We feature local restaurants and similar service oriented businesses that we believe offer a better experience than most national places in their category. You’ll like what our marketplace merchants can do for you. Tap to view!